Theatre Day: Fun Home and Eclipsed

Last weekend, one of my Boston cousins came to visit and we had a Theatre Day. We saw the matinee of Fun Home, which was as amazing and touching as everyone said.


The songs and the singing were great and I’m disappointed that the soundtrack isn’t on Apple Music. Rebecca Luker (Helen) was in especially fine voice and Gabriella Pizzolo is an amazingly bright and vivid Small Alison.

We ate too much BBQ at Virgil’s and then saw the evening performance of Eclipsed. I had been hesitant about this because it sounded depressing: Liberian women held captive by rebel warlords. It was actually devastating but so good. Beautifully written by Danai Gurira, the play completely involves you in its survival strategy dilemmas. The terrific cast includes Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, who was excellent, but everyone was excellent. I find myself still thinking about the play days later. I would see it again.


We got excellent seats for both shows through TDF so the theatre gods were definitely smiling on us. I feel like this one day justified my $30 yearly membership.

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