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Award-worthy cartoons at BAM

Yesterday I saw the program of Oscar-nominated animated shorts, playing through Thursday at BAM. An absolute delight.. My favorite was Bear Story, a poignant allegory about human rights abuses in Chile as experienced by mechanical circus animals. The cages/prisons and keepers/killers were horrifying.

A very close second favorite was a cheerful Russian meditation on connection and grief, We Can’t Live without Cosmos.

I also liked Sanjay’s Super Team, about the spirituality of superheroes, but of course that was great because it was Pixar.

There were a couple of French shorts wherein the fur of the animated animals was so lifelike that it was actually a bit creepy, well into the uncanny valley.

Apart from the animated shorts, I’ve only seen two of the Oscar-nominated films this year. I thought Spotlight, while solid, was a little boring; newspaper procedurals are mostly interesting by contrast to how much less real reporting happens nowadays. I thought they did a good job capturing Boston of that era.  The Force Awakens was a great Star Wars movie, but it’s only nominated for effects/design-type awards, not for the biggies.