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Valuable committee work

The department governance committee has sent me a stern note about the weekly schedule on my film syllabus. I left days blank because it seemed to me obvious that we would be continuing with the unit started on previous days, but that is apparently not sufficiently explicit, and going forward I must be more prolix in the weekly schedule section. To my knowledge, no one complained about my syllabus; they say they are spending committee time reviewing all the syllabi for all classes in the department. So great that they found something wrong to justify all that effort.

In other committee news, today was my last day of service after 2+ years as department representative on a college committee, and I am so relieved it is over. More time to make my syllabi good enough, right?

My Goodreads review of the new MLA Handbook

MLA HandbookMLA Handbook by The Modern Language Association of America

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked the older edition better when it had more about the research process. This focuses strictly on sourcing and citation, though it does a good job handling that especially for thinking through online and digital sources. Nicely demystifying but not as deep. Docked a star for making me learn a new system when I had the old system memorized. Also, I think the last edition was mailed out free to MLA members but I had to pay for this one. Will likely assign it to classes anyway, though I’m keeping my expectations low.

Wow, this is really a kind of a “get off my lawn kids!” review.

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