bighatThis blog is a personal website. Some potential personal viewpoints you may see here:

I am a community college English professor. All opinions in the blog are mine and not my employer’s. I have a Ph.D. in American literature (from the CUNY Graduate Center) and 30 years of teaching experience. I’m currently working on an Open Educational Resources project to develop an open ecocomposition textbook. 

I am a family history hobbyist with a focus on social history rather than lineage societies. My family tree features Coombs and Costigan families of Newfoundland as well as Hegarty and Murphy families who emigrated from Ireland to Massachusetts. My family tree — a work in progress — is public on Ancestry as “Hegarty-Costigan Family Tree.” Feel free to contact me if you think we’re related. 

I am an avid science fiction fan and an aspirational science fiction writer.

I am a catmom to only one cat at the moment: Chauncey is a 7-year-old former streetcat still crankily settling into the easy life of plush cat beds, yummy treats, and air conditioning.

Blog Policies

If at any point this blog has sponsored or affiliate content, it will be labeled as such. There is a banner to notify you that WordPress.com uses cookies to serve this site; I am not hosting any other cookies or trackers. In the unlikely event that I add advertising to the site, I will add more notification banners.

I strive to respect copyright. If you find something in this blog that violates your copyright, please let me know and I will remove the violating material.

I strive to respect privacy. I do not blog about students in ways that may identify them. I do not post genealogical information about living people; my boundary is grandparents and previous generations. I do not identify online aliases with the real names of people in fannish circles. If you feel I have compromised your privacy, please let me know and I will remove the compromising material.

Contact me through my contact page.

You can also reach me on Twitter: @emilyhegarty