Covid-19 shut down my college on March 10th. Since then, I’ve been working from home. I was already teaching a couple of online courses, but now my formerly on-campus courses are meeting over Zoom. It’s been a scramble trying to sort out the technical details, trying to assist students with access issues, and, to be honest, managing my own anxiety. For now, I am healthy and hope to remain so. The semester runs until mid-May so I need to find my work-from-home pattern and stick to it. I’m not going back to campus until September at the earliest.

Map of corona virus infection rates in NYC

Here is a map (from the NY Daily News) that purports to depict infection levels around the city. I live in Bay Ridge, the yellow slice at the southern edge of Brooklyn, where infections are fewer (so far). My neighborhood seems quieter than usual, except for ambulance sirens and drag racers taking advantage of the light traffic to speed around the local streets. Local restaurants are closed but still delivering takeout. Local grocery stores are open, and I’ve been able to buy everything I need except for disinfectant cleaning wipes. I am home more than usual, but the silver lining here is that my cranky rescue cat is happy to have my increased attention.

I am working through a grading backlog for work, but soon I will catch up and can turn to other diversions. I’ve finished Star Trek Picard now; what other shows or movies should I watch? My To Be Read pile is literally filling multiple bookshelves, so I won’t ask for more book titles, but I do need to work on my playlists; so what music should I hear? What vegan recipes should I cook? What embroidery patterns should I try? I welcome suggestions in the comments.

And of course, there’s my genealogy to work on…

I hope all my readers are safe and well.



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