Maybe I work for Voldemort

I changed my “about” blurb to eliminate the name of my employer. There is a new Board of Trustees policy (still technically in draft form) that proclaims that faculty members will be disciplined if they do not get prior approval for “[a]ny website of or pertaining to the College, including without limitation, any websites concerning a College research program, academic program, social program, or community program.” Furthermore, all websites mentioning the college must reside on college servers. Any website not in compliance will be TAKEN DOWN! (By their authority over all servers, or their endless resources for lawsuits, presumably.) This is supposed to be a policy about marketing materials, but in the definitions section they say:

This encompasses all written, printed, electronic, or graphic representations utilizing the College’s name, logos, trademarks, service marks, or URLs referring to any program, project, service, or operation of the College. For avoidance of doubt, the term “marketing materials”, as used in this policy, also includes any letterhead or print publication, as well as materials uploaded to internet and social media sites that publicize and/or promote the College in any way.

So, for the record, I am not promoting or marketing the college where I work and that shall not be named. Any academic discussions herein reflect my own personal intellectual products and are no reflection whatsoever on my employer.

I could link you to the website with these policies so you could see for yourself but I’m afraid that would involve a URL belonging to the college that shall not be named, and I don’t wish to be disciplined, so you’ll just have to believe me that I’ve quoted accurately.

4 thoughts on “Maybe I work for Voldemort

  1. Whoa! That sounds militant. Sorry about the slap on the hand. They must have their reasons. What happened to free speech and giving people credit for having brains enough to be reasonable. Especially when YOU hired them!


  2. Well not surprisingly…. you could have been a lawyer. Sorry you have to worry about such things instead of being celebrated for your unique voice!


  3. Good Lord. I’ve had all sorts of course blogs but I guess I did try to avoid mentioning the university except in a veiled way. But there are now so many policies like this; I just saw one from UF where faculty cannot call/write legislators if it is to speak in favor of laws that would benefit the university ! ! !


    1. That’s funny! Just weeks after warning faculty not to speak with the media, we received an email asking us all to contact our local representatives to speak against budget cuts for higher education. So I guess in some cases we *should* promote the college, when asked.

      To be fair, I should say the policy at my job was later slightly amended to be slightly less sweeping, but it’s probably a good policy for me to avoid mentioning them.

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