Tuesday’s catastrophe

I voted for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday morning, so obviously my week is not going well. I keep thinking of a man in line behind me while we were waiting to vote. He snarled at me to just move out of his way, and not to listen to the older woman who was managing the queues. He was so annoyed being made to wait around for women to take their turn and to say whose turn it was. I remember thinking he was the olden days personified.

But here we are and he is the future the Electoral College has brought us. Four years of a future, anyway.There is so much to be upset about in a Trump presidency, but these two articles stand out for me.

  • Trump Picks Top Climate Skeptic to Lead EPA Transition” by Robin Bravender at Scientific American‘s ClimateWire. The earth is already approaching, if not past, the point of no return on global warming. A Trump presidency is a catastrophe for the planet.
  • Donald Trump’s Triumph is a Victory for White Supremacy” by Brittney Cooper at Cosmopolitan. That KKK-endorsed dogwhistle sounded a lot louder than just post-Obama backlash. Trump’s racist rhetoric and policies are horrifying. A Trump presidency is a catastrophe for civil rights, equality, and justice.

I don’t have any answers, and I don’t know what to do. As a writer, I’m going to blog more.


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