On the other mobile hand . . .

When I was using MacFamilyTree, I also used their iOS app MobileFamilyTree.

Now it is clear to me that the MobileFamilyTree app works ON ITS OWN without needing a Mac program. Reunion has a mobile app too, but it’s mostly just a viewer for the full Reunion Mac program.

I am writing this on my Macbook Air now, and writing it with a certain amount of resentment because I prefer to use my iPad but its battery needs recharging. I wish that I could just use my iPad for everything all the time. So perhaps I need to continue on with MacFamilyTree long enough to see if their Mobile FamilyTree app can become the iPad only tree.

This leaves me wondering how well other sites besides Ancestry will interact on an iPad. This should be an experiment for the summer.

Other potential iPad-only deal-breakers: I can’t upload files from my iPad to the Blackboard LMS, and I need Blackboard to teach my online classes. So perhaps my entire dream of iPad-only life will have to wait until I retire, or until Blackboard joins the modern world. (Because given the economy, I will hope to be lucky enough to get some online adjuncting work in retirement.) (Which is still years away.) I need to write another post about Blackboard and iPads but that will wait for another time.




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